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PixelPlay Classic Console Game Console with 500 Games

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Rediscover the joy of classic gaming with the PixelPlay Classic Console, your one-stop entertainment hub. This state-of-the-art retro gaming system comes packed with a staggering 620 pre-loaded classic games that span across various genres such as action, sports, racing, puzzles, and so much more. Bypass the need for downloads, installations, or internet connection and dive straight into the action by simply connecting the console to your TV, computer, or projector.

The PixelPlay Classic Console includes two wired controllers, perfect for inviting a friend over for some head-to-head gaming. Each controller has a 3-foot cable, and a 10-foot AV cable is included to give you ample distance from your screen. These wired controllers provide a responsive gaming experience, free from the lags that wireless controllers often suffer from.

Celebrate nostalgia, and create new memories with the PixelPlay Classic Console. It's the perfect gift for kids, adults, friends, and lovers alike, enabling you to engage in fun and interactive gaming sessions. Bring back the joy of classic gaming and foster closer bonds as you enjoy games from the past and the present.

Rest assured of the quality as we back the PixelPlay Classic Console with a three-year warranty. This comprehensive package includes the game console, two wired controllers, an AV cable, an adapter, and a user manual. If you face any issues, we are just a message away and promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Experience the unique blend of the past and the present with the PixelPlay Classic Console. It's more than gaming, it's a journey through the golden era of video games!