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BambooScribe ballpoint pen

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Introducing BambooScribe - the perfect combination of convenience and sustainability. With a pack of BambooScribe retractable ballpoint pens, you'll never have to worry about running out of pens again. The package includes multiple pens, so you'll always have a spare one on hand.

Crafted from premium quality bamboo, BambooScribe pens are safe to use and do not hurt your hands. The wooden body of the pen is waterproof and rust-proof, making it perfect for long-term use. The ballpoint black ink pen has a 1mm thick refill, ensuring smooth ink flow for effortless writing.

Measuring at 5.39 x 0.43 inches, BambooScribe pens are the perfect size for everyday use. Simply click on the pen tip to start writing and click again to retract it. The smooth texture of the pen makes it comfortable to hold for long periods, making it ideal for use at home, school, office, or while travelling.

BambooScribe pens make for the perfect gift for your loved ones or colleagues. Whether it's for a class activity, office supply, or holiday present, this eco-friendly pen is the ideal choice. So why settle for a regular plastic pen when you can make a sustainable choice with BambooScribe?