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VersaGlow Charging Beacon: Three-in-one Wireless Magnetic Charger Lamp

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Experience the future of charging with the VersaGlow Charging Beacon, a three-in-one wireless magnetic charger that combines innovation, efficiency, and style. This device isn't just a charger; it's an intelligent companion designed to streamline your digital life.

Equipped with advanced components and smart chips, the VersaGlow can sensitively identify your phone, providing optimal charging tailored to your device. It comes with built-in safety features including temperature control, voltage protection, overcurrent protection, and foreign object detection. These features ensure safe charging and extend battery life by automatically switching to trickle charging when your device is fully charged.

The VersaGlow boasts a powerful output parameter of 5V and an input parameter of 9V, with a charging current of 200mA. It ensures speedy power-up with a 15W fast charging capability and a Type-C data line for quick data transfer. The charger does not have a built-in battery, making it lighter and more portable.

But the VersaGlow Charging Beacon is more than just a charger; it's a versatile desk companion. The desk lamp variant not only provides fast charging for your devices but also illuminates your workspace. It can simultaneously charge three devices, making it an ideal charging solution for multi-device users. Its compatibility with both Apple and Android devices adds to its universal appeal.

The VersaGlow Charging Beacon also includes an indicator function for easy monitoring of charging status. This sleek and stylish charging station is designed to declutter your desk while providing fast and efficient charging, making it an essential accessory for every modern home or office. With the VersaGlow Charging Beacon, power up your devices and brighten your space effortlessly.