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RefreshMist Personal Humidifier Mini Portable USB Air Humidifier

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The RefreshMist Personal Humidifier is the perfect solution for dry and stale air. With an extraordinary fog volume of 40-45ml/H, this mini portable USB air humidifier will create a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere wherever you go. Featuring a multi-effect purification filter stone, it not only moisturizes the air but also purifies it by removing floating impurities, ensuring that the water quality is fresher and healthier. Its plug-and-play design makes it easy to carry, and you can choose between two spray modes to adjust the humidity levels to your liking.


1. The branch humidifier, with an extraordinary fog volume of 40-45ml/H, allows you to find a vibrant in the dry air, for the arrival of spring.
2. The container is not limited, plug-and-play is convenient to carry, and two spray modes can be adjusted as needed.
3. Heavy fog humidification purification plug-and-play
4. Multi-effect purification filter stone protects health, purifies water quality, absorbs floating impurities, and makes water quality fresher.

Product information:

Water tank capacity: 0.5-1L
Power mode: USB
Color: Transparent
Material: Plastic