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LumoView Home Entertainment Projector

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Discover an immersive home entertainment experience with the LumoView Home Entertainment Projector. Featuring a multifunctional design and single-chip LCD projection technology, this compact projector delivers a resolution of 854x480P. With a power consumption of just 60W and a brightness of 100-999 lumens, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in stunning detail, without breaking the bank on energy costs.

The projector's 16:9 screen ratio ensures optimal viewing, and its desktop front projection method makes setup a breeze. A variety of input ports, including AV, USB, HDMI, VGA, and SD card, allow for seamless connectivity, while the 3.5mm audio output and built-in speaker enhance your audio experience. With plug-and-play functionality, manual adjustment options, and a projection screen size of 32-150 inches, the LumoView Home Entertainment Projector delivers an exceptional home theater experience tailored to your preferences.




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