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ComfortPlus Foot Support

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ComfortPlus Foot Support is the perfect solution for those looking to reduce fatigue and pain caused by prolonged sitting. Its drop-shaped design provides better support for the foot arch, promoting blood circulation and maintaining a comfortable sitting position.

Made with high-density memory foam and a non-slip bead, ComfortPlus Foot Support is easy to clean and comes with a washable cover. The footrest is suitable for use with office chairs, gaming chairs, sofas, toilets, dining chairs, and more. Flip it over and it turns into a rocking pedal to help you relax and relieve stress or boredom.

Improve your posture and reduce the physical burden of sitting with ComfortPlus Foot Support, a versatile and comfortable footrest that can also be used under the knee on a bed or sofa to provide extra support for lower back pain while lying down or sleeping.